Revolutionary Womens Fitness Techniques Take Outdoor Bootcamp Sessions By Storm}

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Theres a bit of a revolution going on in the health and beauty world. Womens fitness, which heretofore has been more about getting on a treadmill and working the Lycra up into a good sweat, has been heading for the great outdoors with fantastic results. A series of bootcamp style early morning sessions are seeing the ladies of London lose pounds as a result of some pretty hefty scientific thinking.

Fitness boffins have recently been unveiling the results of their latest explorations and those results are pretty much unanimous on two points. One: exercising outdoors can be as much as 30% more effective than doing the same thing inside; and two, exercising early in the morning is the best way to burn fat. Womens fitness, as a result, is moving out of the sanitised (and frankly rather boring) environment of the gym and exploring the brave new world of early outdoor workouts. The bootcamp style approach also works because it gathers large groups of women together in the same place.

Theres power in numbers, of course, and the bootcamp makes full use of that strength. One woman sweating her way alone through an early morning Pilates routine in the all too visible spaces of Londons beautiful parks might feel rather obvious: hundreds, all leaping and running through their poses as a unit, cant.

Womens fitness has tended to suffer as much from the overly masculine attitude of gyms in general and fitness enthusiasts in particular a prime mover in driving all the girls inside in the first place. Thats why we have women only gyms. The bootcamp model of outdoor fitness lets the girls enjoy that 30% benefit (which comes, among other things, from the invigorating effect of the air and the unevenness of the terrain) whilst retaining, almost, that sense of solidarity that a women only gym can give.

Recent studies have also shown that regular early exercise makes women almost twice as likely to be exercising with the same intensity one year from their start date. This second benefit of exercising in the morning (the first, that it kick starts the metabolism and so makes weight control much easier, has been known for some time) has something to do with habit. Womens fitness is no different to any other routine if you do it first thing, which the bootcamp model suggests you to do, then you get into a regular sway of it as part of the getting up and getting ready habit set. With such obvious benefits, mental and physical, its a great habit to get into.

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