Envisioning The Perfect Store With Augmented Reality}

Read An Opinion On: Vehicle Tracking Car Tracker Envisioning the Perfect Store with Augmented Reality by Cindy Lanzendoen Thanks to technology, sales reps in the consumer goods industry are working much more productively and efficiently than they were once able to. Smart phones and tablets have revolutionized data capture in store, and through mobile pitching […]

Do Indians Really Need A Gps System?}

Read An Opinion On: Gps Tracking Car Tracker Do Indians really need a GPS system? by Sanjeev Walia In India, GPS systems are being used since the 1990s. The main uses of GPS systems are to foretell the weather conditions, locate the vegetation areas, national borders and other irrigation aspects. It is also used to […]

A Checklist For Your Car’s Maintenance

A Checklist For Your Car’s Maintenance by Melville Jackson Your car might be an indispensable part of your life. You need it to drive to your office or to a friend’s place during weekends. You might have memories attached to it too. However, if maintenance of your vehicle is neglected in any way, the car […]